Why should community organisations TAKE2?

  • Depending on the size and nature of your organisation, you could lower operating costs.
  • You could support your networks in responding to climate change.
  • By participating in TAKE2, you can promote your climate change efforts and get the recognition you deserve.
  • You could connect with other, like-minded organisations.
  • If you invest wisely in low carbon technology your organisation may get its return on investment within a few years. 
  • You could potentially increase membership.

How can my community organisation TAKE2?

Initially you’ll need to make the TAKE2 pledge.

Then choose from the dozens of different climate change actions community organisations can take which are listed on the website. Take as many or as few as you like. Some examples include -

  • Encourage your networks to make the TAKE2 pledge.
  • Share climate change news stories on your organisation’s social media.
  • Host a climate change conversation and invite others.
  • Partner with organisations to share goods and services.
  • Be a community hub for sustainability.
  • Train staff / volunteers / members / clients to reduce emissions.

View the full list of actions for community organisations

Once you’ve committed to actions, get started. You can share your pledge through your TAKE2 website profile as well as your organisation’s website and social media channels so your members, clients, suppliers and networks know your organisation is acting on climate change.

Whats next?

Keep updating your climate change actions and hear how others are playing their part through the TAKE2 website.

We are part of a worldwide movement to protect our planet from the impact of climate change. Victoria can help keep the temperature rise under two degrees, as long as we all act, together.

Download the TAKE2 community organisation fact sheet