Why should early childhood services TAKE2?

  • It will enhance the children’s wellbeing by nurturing a connection to the environment.
  • You will give the children a solid grounding in lifelong learning about the environment.
  • You could lower your early childhood service’s operating costs.
  • By participating in TAKE2, you can promote your early childhood service’s climate change efforts and further improve its reputation.
  • It’s the right thing to do.

How can my early childhood service TAKE2?

Initially you’ll need to make the TAKE2 pledge.

Then decide what actions your early childhood service will take to reduce its emissions. You’ll be able to select listed actions or outline your own ideas as part of the registration process. Some examples include -

  • Make sustainability, including action on climate change, link to the National Quality Standards (NQS) and part of your curriculum.
  • Invest the savings you make from sustainability (e.g. lower power bills) into training staff to actively support sustainability and climate change.
  • Plant trees to absorb carbon emissions and make your service a more pleasant place to learn and play.

View the  full list of actions for early childhood services

Once you’ve committed to actions, get started. You can share your pledge through your TAKE2 website profile as well as through your early childhood service website and social media channels so your community knows you are acting on climate change.

Whats next?

You will receive regular updates and tips. You can continue to update your climate change actions and hear how others are playing their part.

Victoria can help keep the temperature rise under two degrees, as long as we all act, together.

Download the TAKE2 early childhood services fact sheet